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Please call (973) 805-9977 if you have any questions.

Having trouble finding a Surgeon for a band adjustment?

Having trouble finding a Surgeon for a band adjustment?

Was your surgery performed out of country or you want to switch doctors?



Banding Centers of America makes the once time consuming process of band adjustments a thing of the past.

Did you have Lap Band Surgery?

Did you have Lap Band Surgery?

If so, Banding Centers of America, is here for you. We welcome you as family, whether you had surgery with us or not.

Trouble Finding a Surgeon?
Banding Centers Of America
Are you a band patient?

Walk-in's Welcome!

Walk in appointments are welcome. Also, please feel free to stop by for a complimentary weigh in or a complimentary advisory consultation with one of our trained professionals.

First Class Hospitality and Care

While you are at Banding Centers of America, LLC, expect 5-star treatment. We are much more than just a warm, beautiful facility. Our key focus is, and always will be, quality medical care with first-class service.

Can't Find a Babysitter?

NO PROBLEM. We welcome kids with plenty of learning activities available.

Banding Centers of America Setting the Bar for Excellence!

New Jersey Physician Magazine

Banding Centers of America in the news!
"A crucial component of success for bariatric patients who have had gastric lap banding is Banding Centers of America, which provides the necessary follow-up care for post-banding patients and is located just steps from the Florham Park Surgery Center. There, patients can be monitored by a staff of skilled and caring bariatric professionals and can have their band adjustments, when necessary."

FDA Approves Expanded Use of LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System for Obese Adults

Obese Adults with a BMI of 30-40 with at Least One Obesity Related Comorbid Condition Now Qualify for LAP-BAND® System Procedure When All Other Conservative Weight-loss Therapies Have Failed

“As a surgeon, I see patients every day who have been obese for years and have tried several diet and exercise programs without success”

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